Who can benefit from a custom drawers 4×4 storage system?

Anyone who uses their 4WD frequently, for work or holidays can benefit from a custom drawers 4×4 storage unit. That’s because if you take off in your 4WD for camping or fishing trips, even if you pull a camper trailer or caravan, having the inside of your truck organised can make a big difference to your day! For tradies, an organised truck is a must-have, because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to find anything in the back of their truck. So let’s take a look at four different tradies who would love to have a 4×4 storage unit in their truck.

Custom drawers 4×4 storage systems for tradies 

All tradies can benefit from an organised truck, but four instantly come to mind. These are plumbers, electricians, cleaners and mobile mechanics.


If plumbers didn’t have the back of their trucks organised, it would be sheer chaos! With all the different types of pipes they carry, as well as the pipe benders, wrenches, pipe cutters, butane torches, poly pipe cutters, and everything else needed to do their job, it would take forever to find anything! This is why plumbers generally use some type of custom drawers 4×4 storage unit to arrange everything so that it’s easy to find quickly. Plumbers also carry a certain amount of generic stock, such as taps for their customers, all of which needs to be stowed away safely.


Many of the tools used by electricians are quite small and if they aren’t organised into different drawers, can quickly become lost in a jumble of other equipment. Tools such as pocket strippers, wire strippers, electrical pliers, mechanical cutters, multigrips and nut drivers, aren’t easy to find if they are just thrown into a box in the back of the truck. Electricians also carry some stock items, for example bulbs and light or electrical fittings, which need to be stored safely in their truck.


Whilst cleaners don’t have as many small tools as plumbers or electricians, they do have lots of larger equipment that needs to be safely stowed and contained. These include mops, buckets, brooms and vacuum cleaners. They also need some type of custom drawers 4×4 storage unit to store disposable gloves, wipes and cloths, scrapers, blades and cutters. On top of this type of cleaning equipment, they need to carry a range of different cleaning fluids for glass, stainless steel, timber, laminate etc. You can imagine just throwing all of this equipment into the back of a truck without some way to keep it organised!

Mobile mechanics:

With our busy lives, we are seeing more mechanics take to the road to offer a mobile service. This makes such a difference when you can have your vehicle serviced or repaired at home or even in the carpark at work! Mobile mechanics definitely need a way to store everything safely in the back of their truck, for example wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, grinders, pressure gauges and a host of specialised tools. Just take a look in the back of a mobile mechanic’s truck and you will see that everything is organised and easy to reach.

So if you are a tradie and are fed up with struggling to find anything in the back of your truck, why not consider a quality custom drawers 4×4 storage unit?