Essential Car Rental Tips for EU Tourists

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There are travelers, who prefer to drive and move around on their own, especially when they are used to the place. I supposed, you know that it would be very expensive to ship your own vehicle, right? For this reason, you prefer to rent a car for your convenience. Indeed, it is true that you can enjoy your tour more because you can visit, even the hidden spots that most tourists have not found yet. In short, you are free to hang out in your favorite destinations. This only means that you can fully enjoy your stay in the country.

However, before thinking about how you can have fun in your chosen destination, you have to look first for a company that offers the best car rental services. Actually, you may check on to know about their policies, fees and packages, if available. Aside from that, you must be aware that there are driving rules for tourists and you have to stick with these to avoid encountering problems. 

I am sure that you are very excited about your trip, right? It would be great to avoid meeting problems on the way, too. That’s why, we have here a few tips that are essential for you to know when you are renting an automobile in Europe. 

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Car Rental Company

While you are still in your own country, make sure to book a car for hire in advance. Let’s say that 2 to 4 weeks before the said trip, your booking must already be confirmed. Well, you are not the only ones, who go for such transportation, even the locals do that. I am sure that you do not find this task difficult because accomplishing this online is not much of an effort. 

Sometimes, you do not need to stick to one company. It would be great to have options, so that you can compare prices, services and promotions as well. Anyway, just choose the ones with the highest rating. Therefore, do not forget to check reviews and testimonies.

Factors affecting the Cost

Hiring a car would be costly, especially in European countries. For some people, money is not a problem at all, while it is a major consideration to those who are on a tight budget. Now, if you are facing this, then you have to know the things, which may affect the cost of your rentals.

The first thing that you need to check is the mechanism. If you would like to drive an automatic vehicle, then expect for more expenses. Most automobiles in Europe are manual that’s why this one is cheaper. Another factor is the pick-up as well as the drop of places. It would be ideal to set this location that is more accessible and convenient for you and the company to avoid backtracking and surcharges. Audi A1 Leasing

Permission to Drive

Review your itinerary and check the foreign driver’s policy, especially when you have to cross borders. It is very important for you to know, if you are allowed to drive in a particular country, such as Bosnia, Albania and Croatia to name a few. 

By the way, company rules may always change. However, if you have plans of visiting countries, where you are not permitted to, then it would be best to change your plan, while you still have time.

Permit and License

Be very sure that all the necessary documents, both original and photocopy are with you when picking up the automobile. This includes your driving license, IDP or International Drivers Permit, identification card, passport and your booking confirmation. All the personal information that you have sent them must tally with what you are holding and showing the representative. 

Depending on your country of origin, you may be asked to present language translations of your license. By the way, those who are planning to visit countries, such as Greece, Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain, Bosnia, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria are required to have an IDP. Check this out to know more about IDP and if you need to apply for it.


If you are wondering what a vignette is, then you have to know that this is a sticker. You have to make sure that it will be seen on your windshield because this is an indication that you have already paid your highway tax. Some companies include this in your fee, while others don’t. Therefore, you need to take care of this matter as soon as you arrived and picked up the vehicle. used renault clio cars

You should be informed that Switzerland, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania Will require you to have a vignette. Now, if you will visit spots here, then take note. Anyway, you can get your vignette at the border crossings as well as from the gas stations nearby. The cost varies and will depend on your destination.