Donating Your Truck

Your truck has always been a loyal friend. It has pulled you from the mud a couple of times. It has been there time after time on moving days for you and your friends and has hosted many great tailgate parties. If you are planning to buy a new vehicle, you might be wondering, “should I donate my old truck?” We completely understand that getting rid of your truck can be emotional at times. The following are important things to consider when you are trying to decide whether you should donate your truck to a charity or not:    

Why Should You Consider Donating Your Truck?

Truck owners are very special. You own a truck for practical reasons that set you apart from all other drivers. Whether you drive a semi-truck, a U-Haul, a dually, or a commercial truck, there is one important purpose for why you drive a truck: to get the job done. Given that you have found us, there is a good chance that your truck is not able to the job as well as it once did. Does your truck need to be repaired? Is your truck wasting space in your driveway? Keep reading if you can relate to the following common reasons why so many people decide to donate their truck to a charity:    

Your needs have changed. When you purchased the truck that you are thinking about donating, you might have had a job where having a truck made sense. These days, perhaps you don’t need to have a vehicle that has that much horsepower. Or you may need more instead! A change in a business opportunity or in life might have arisen and maybe it is time for you to drive a new vehicle. 

Your truck needs to be repaired. Expensive repairs are one of the main reasons why many people decide to donate their trucks. If you own a specialty or older truck, it can be hard to find replacement parts and they can be expensive. However, whenever you donate your truck with us, we will repair it for free and then sell it for your preferred charity. This will give new life to your truck and you will receive 25% to 50% more added value to give you an outstanding tax deduction for free for your truck donation.  

It might not make sense to sell your truck, but you can use the tax deduction on your truck donation. Selling your old Nissan, GMC, Toyota, or Dodge Ram truck – especially when it needs to be repaired, can be a big hassle. It also might not make financial sense. Some CPAs recommend to their clients that donating their truck is a smart move to make. If you are unable to get a decent trade-in amount at the car dealership or you are having difficulties with tacking down legal documents such as the truck’s tag, registration, or title, our truck donation program will take care of all of these irritating details on your behalf.  

You are ready for an upgrade. Let’s say Joe has two vehicles. For his daily routine, he drives a fairly new mid-sized sedan. Also, he has a 10-year-old Dodge Dakota truck that stays inside his garage most of the time. Although the truck has been useful on occasion for going camping or hauling things, Joe doesn’t really drive it a lot anymore. So, when Joe’s friend picked him up in his brand new Nissan truck to go kayaking, his jaw dropped. Amazing Bluetooth stereo system, review camera, heated seats. After Joe got home from his trip, he made the decision to donate his old truck to charity. For his occasional weekend trips, he enjoys renting a brand new truck. We can help you clear out the old to make room for your upgrade, whether a friend has inspired you, you attended an auto show or truck expo, or saw some of the new cool models in Truck Trend or other magazines.  

What Benefits Do I Get When I Donate My Truck To Charity? 

Whenever a truck is donated to charity, it really helps a worthwhile cause. However, have you thought about how you may benefit from making a donation? In addition to it making you feel good – knowing that your truck will be repaired, sold on the charity’s behalf, and then be a source of solid support for them, as the truck donor, there are great benefits for you as well. Whether you donate your own personal truck or a commercial truck, you can benefit in the following ways: 

If you have a high-mileage truck, it probably isn’t doing any favors for you if it is beginning to cost more to repair it than what new truck payments would cost, if it gets low gas mileage, or it is in the shop. If you are trying to declutter your property, have a new job, or are planning to move, you can benefit greatly from free, easy, and fast towing. (We are reimbursed by charities for our towing costs, along with the improvements made to your truck, and a handling and service fee). Even if your truck is at the shop, if you are ready to donate your truck to charity, just call us at 855-394-9090 to learn more. 

Get a good tax deduction for donating your truck. We have a unique truck donation program due to the fact that we add value to your old truck. We put elbow grease into a majority of vehicles before we find a good buyer will appreciate the life that remains in the truck. After giving it some love, typically our truck donation program adds an extra 25% to 50% to the vehicle’s sales price. That is great news for your preferred charity like a breast cancer charity since they will receive more money which allows them to do more good things. This is great for you as well since the final sales price can be deducted from your taxable income. You are very welcome!