Bakflip MX4 Cover: 5 Reasons To Find The Best Tonneau Cover Out There?

So you have a truck. That’s one great decision you made in your life. People who own these things are generally happier than those who don’t. It’s fun and joy riding one of them. See why it’s great buying a truck here.

Like all other vehicles, trucks require regular maintenance too. Not just the engine and the parts around it, but the rest of the interior and exterior. From time to time, it’s wise to change some parts, like the wipers for example, and if you’re truly a lover, then installing new features is also something you’ll enjoy a lot.

One of the first things you should consider installing is the tonneau cover. On the market, you can find absolutely anything. Different types of materials, installing options, various opening and closing solutions, all the colors available in this world, etc.

Choosing the best cover might be difficult for those who are not certain what they are looking for exactly. In the ocean of options, you’ll become lost trying to find the perfect choice. You shouldn’t give up, though. The cover is crucial if you use the tonneau regularly.

Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely must install the cover. Follow up and see some of the reasons!

1. It protects you from thieves

In the US, average car theft is about 730,000 per year. For example, in 2019, the number was 721,885, but in 2018 it was 751,885. These numbers tell you how serious car theft is. The burglary numbers are even higher. Thieves are stealing all kinds of things because this type of crime is not as serious as actual car theft. See more data on this link:

Anyway, it’s something that you should take care of. Take action before it’s too late.

The Bakflip MX4 tonneau covers are going to provide the perfect protection for your vehicle. Since they are made of aluminum, and they are not easy to break-in, you can be sure that everything placed inside is going to be safe. When you don’t let burglars see what’s inside, the chance to be attacked is taken to the minimum.

2. Makes the weather conditions unimportant

One of the biggest threats to the items you drive as cargo is the weather. If you’re working at a location where you must transport your tools and equipment, then the truck is the best vehicle for the job. However, if a storm hits you while you’re driving, you can be sure that some of the tools will be useless when you arrive at the scene.

This is why you need some kind of cover. Some people throw a shingle or a fabric of some kind over them hoping for the best, but this is not even close to what you need. Installing a tonneau cover will make the cargo as safe as possible. You will not need to worry at all about what’s happening outside.

When you’re riding in your car, you feel safe from the weather conditions. If there’s too much sun, you turn on the AC. If there’s rain, you have the cabin over your head. The same goes for snow, wind, and anything else that might hit you. See in details about it here.

3. Provides an extra compartment for storing items

Have you ever got to the point when you were driving a smaller car and you couldn’t store everything inside the trunk? You get to a point where you need an extra trunk. So you start storing stuff in the backseat. 

With the trucks having tonneau, you’ll never have this problem. There’s so much room that you don’t need to care about anything. The tonneau cover in some cases can provide an extra compartment where you can store your tools. This can come in very handy for those who operate outside.

Some might ask, well why not placing things like that, under the bright sky? Of course, you can do this if you’re sure that you’ll get from point A which is a closed garage to point B which is also a closed garage. If you want to stop to a point C, then not having a cover gets you back to the first two issues we talked about above.

4. Makes your truck look classy

Most people who buy trucks love their looks just the way they are. However, they are not classy Porches, but still ordinary robust vehicles who do a perfect job for their owners.

There is a way to turn them into pretty powerful trucks, though – by choosing a perfect tonneau cover.

On the market, you’re able to find all kinds of different shapes, models, types, colors, materials, and everything that crosses your mind. Based on your needs and wishes, you can turn your truck from an ordinary piece of transportation device to a classy-looking machine that you’re proud of when you stand next to someone else at the traffic light.

5. Protect the inside of the tonneau

Trucks with a tonneau are made in a way not to experience serious damage to the truck from nature conditions. However, the paint and the metal used for building the truck will slowly fade away after some time. It’s great to protect it if there’s a chance for something like that.

Tonneau covers are affordable and do an excellent job of protecting the tonneau surface. At the same time, it helps in keeping everything safe as we showed in the previous points.

It’s much more affordable to get your Bakflip MX4 tonneau covers, and have everything protected than spend thousands of dollars later for the things that were stolen or the weather tore off the paint.


These five points are telling you why it’s crucial to get a tonneau cover. It is protecting you from various dangers, and it makes your truck look amazing. If you were not convinced before, you’re now certain why it is so important to get one. Do some research and find the perfect one for you.